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Granite Surface Tables & Plates

When precision in measurement is the ultimate goal, Granite Surface Tables & Plates are the answer.

Granite Surface Table
Granite Surface Table with Frame
Granite Surface Plate
Granite Surface Plate
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For any precision engineering, accurate measurements are critical to ensure the quality of the final product. Every laboratory and manufacturing facility needs a reliable and precise surface to take measurements. Granite surface Tables and Plates provide both of these benefits and more. They offer a flat and stable environment for inspection and provide a durable, high­quality surface that ensures accuracy in measurements.

What are Granite Surface Tables and Plates?

Granite Surface Tables and Plates are solid standardised pieces of equipment, exceptionally rigid in design, and flat on the surface to take exact measurements.

Providing a stable environment for inspection, Granite Surface Tables and Plates are an excellent solution for exceptionally sturdy measuring. These products are designed to correct any surface irregularities so that objects placed on them can be measured or calibrated accurately. When used with various gauges, including height gauges, they are convenient for marking out and accurate height measurements. 

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Surface Plates measuring 900mm x 600mm and larger are often referred to as Surface Tables and can be supplied with or without a frame. For more information, please see our Granite Surface Table Frames.

Granite Surface Tables & Plates Key Features

Naturally rigid and hard­wearing (6-­7 on the Mohs Scale). As a material for metrology purposes, granite provides an excellent resistance to wear and damage. It is a type of igneous rock considered one of the hardest and most durable types of rock found in nature. It contains many minerals such as quartz, ensuring wear resistance properties.

There is a possibility of enhancing our finished in the UK Granite Surface Tables and Plates with optional extras. These can include threaded inserts for locating measuring equipment, such as using portable measuring arms to help maintain the workpiece's positioning while it is inspected.

Manufactured to high­-quality standards, supplied by OSS Calibration Granite Surface Tables and Plates conform to the British Standard tolerances for flatness BS817:2008 Grade 0 and Grade 1.

To allow for clamping, work­holding and measurements with specialist equipment, including concentricity gauges and bench centres"T­slot" groove feature with a metal insert can be added.

Can be calibrated and resurfaced on­site | Corrosion-­resistant | Free from warping | Non-­magnetic.

Granite Surface Table with Frame

Granite Surface Tables and Plates Uses and Grading System

As metrology equipment plays a vital role in production, our inspected and calibrated in the UK Granite Surface Tables and Plates are an essential tool for laboratories in the wide variety of manufacturing industries and any other trades that need to measure or work with precision. With the precision required to maintain accuracy, our finished in the UK Granite Surface Tables and Plates can easily fulfil the measuring needs of precision engineers and calibration laboratories.

To comply with BS 817:2008 and depending on the accuracy level required, our Granite Surface Tables and Plates are available in different grades as below:

BS817: 2008 Grade 0 Granite Surface Plate Tolerances

These are referred to as laboratory ­grade, where highly accurate measurement equipment and calibrated master gauges are used.

BS817: 2008 Grade 0 Granite Surface Table Tolerances

B​S817: 2008 Grade 1 Granite Surface Plate Tolerances

These are referred to as inspection grade, where high accuracy is still required, but the environment may not be controlled, and the use of other measuring equipment might be to a lesser accuracy than laboratory masters.

BS817: 2008 Grade 1 Granite Surface Table Tolerances

Granite Surface Table & Plate ­ Certification

All surface tables are calibrated using our in-house procedure and are provided to the requirements of BS817:2008 for flatness and local flatness. After delivery, we can attend your site to level, calibrate and issue UKAS certification. If you require on-site certification or a different standard/ tolerance, please contact us.

All certificates will include both local flatness and overall flatness.

Granite Surface Table & Plate ­ Delivery

Surface Plates from 450mm x 300mm – 1200mm x 900mm will be provided on a single pallet with larger surface tables being supplied on larger pallets or double pallets as deemed required.

All Surface Plates are supplied with a wooden lid that can be used to cover the working surface when not in use and protect the top surface, chamfer and sides from accidental damage.

When supplied with a frame, this will be supplied on top of the granite box and bound to the pallet together.

Why Granite Surface Tables & Plates from OSS Calibration

When it comes to Granite Metrology equipment, we know what we are talking about. Being in the industry for over 30 years allowed us to gain extensive knowledge and experience, which, combined with the second to none customer service, lets us stay ahead of the competition.

Our Granite Triangular Squares, Granite Straight Edges, Granite Parallels, Granite Master Squares, Granite Surface Tables & Plates, and Surface Table Frames are finished, inspected and calibrated in house by our skilled technicians. All to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Regardless of the complexity of requirements, we strive to provide our customers with reliable, durable and the most precise products that meet our customers' needs.

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