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Precision Granite Parallels

Highly accurate 4 Face Granite Parallels, available in different sizes.

Black Granite Parallels
Black Granite Parallels
Precision Black Granite Parallels
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Granite Parallels - Product Description

Granite Parallels are accurate, standardised pieces of flat and parallel measuring equipment finished on all 4 faces and supplied in pairs to ensure a matched height.

Manufactured from one of the most resilient stone types available on the market; black granite, our precision Granite Parallels make an excellent addition to any tool room, inspection department or laboratory. Naturally heavier in density than pink granite and made from the highest quality, fine grained Black Granite, our Precision Parallels are durable and corrosion­ resistant.

Naturally more stable and less susceptible to temperature changes than their steel equivalent, Granite Parallels offer versatility in precision measurements and work-holding in almost every environment.

Granite Parallels - Uses

The primary use of Granite Parallels is to elevate a workpiece from a surface, whether the base is a surface plate, CMM or a machine table. Our 4 face, Precision Granite Parallels are the perfect solution for raising an item from the measuring surface to allow for a stable and accurate inspection.

Granite Parallels aid inspection departments when measurements of parts with steps, raised features and through holes need to be taken on all dimensions. Thanks to our range of Granite Parallels, there is no need to reposition the workpiece being inspected, therefore reducing inspection time and maximising efficiency.


As work-pieces will not need to be repositioned as frequently, the risk of damage to components and measuring equipment is significantly lowered. 

When the usual measuring surface becomes damaged or worn, our Granite Parallels allow the workpiece to be lifted above this surface, so the workpiece is not affected by the damaged area, and accurate measurements can be taken.

Granite Parallels are ideal for machine shops when building up the height of a workpiece on machine tables and during the machining process. Naturally unsusceptible to rust, Granite Parallels can be safely used to hold workpieces during machining in environments that typically use coolants.

OSS Granite Parallels - Tolerances

Here, at OSS Calibration, we have created in-­house tolerances using national and international standards to supply the best quality Granite Parallels. Finished on the narrow edges and the wide edges, our Precision Parallels are provided in 2 available grades, as outlined below.

OSS Granite Parallels Grade 00

Due to their high accuracy, our Grade 00 Granite Parallels are the ideal solution for laboratories and inspection departments to raise workpieces and maintain confidence in the measurements.

OSS Granite Parallels Grade 0

Our Grade 0 Granite Parallels are the preferred choice for work-holding during machining operations and elevating workpieces safely throughout the manufacturing and inspecting processes. 

Granite Parallels - Certification

Calibration Certificates and conformance statements to other standards and tolerances are available upon request. Certificates provided by OSS Calibration Ltd include parallelism of all faces on both parallels, straightness of all faces and matched height for both the wider and narrower faces of the parallels. Please let us know if you require compliance with specific standards or tolerances.

Granite Parallels - Delivery

Parallels up to 450mm x 100mm x 50mm are delivered via courier.

150mm parallels are supplied in silver­coloured storage cases while 300mm x 100mm x 50mm and larger parallels are provided in black transportation cases. Both types of cases offer perfect storage and transportation solutions.

Why Granite Parallels from OSS Calibration

Precision Granite Parallels (1)_edited.p

When it comes to precision in measurement, nothing beats the high­end granite measuring equipment offered by On Site Service (Calibration) Ltd. We offer a comprehensive range of market­leading granite precision measuring tools you can rely on.

All precision granite measuring equipment supplied by OSS Calibration has been hand finished, inspected and calibrated in the UK by our skilled technicians.

Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and experience in metrology products and services, we proudly specialise in calibrating and supplying high­quality precision­engineered Granite Parallels, Granite Master Squares, Granite Straight Edges, Granite Surface Tables & Plates, Granite Triangular Squares, Surface Table Frames.

We’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years, and we want you to know that we’re here for you. Our customers come first, and we always do our best to make sure their needs are met.

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