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Granite Triangular Squares

Finished, inspected and calibrated in the UK 3­ face precision Granite Tri Squares.

Granite Triangular Square
Granite Triangular Square
Granite Triangular Squares
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Granite Triangular Squares Product Description

Manufactured using black granite, three face precision Triangular Squares are featured with two narrow perpendicular edges and one large measuring face flat and square to each other as standard. These are a lightweight and reliable alternative to Master Squares when only calibrating and inspecting squareness.

Our product is known for its high degree of accuracy in measurement. It has been finished with weight­reducing through holes without impacting the stability or measuring capability. For larger and heavier triangular squares, these are an ideal lifting point for equipment such as slings.

Do you need Triangular Squares with four measuring faces? No, problem, these are available upon request. Please see our highly accurate Granite Master Squares when parallelism is also required.

Granite Triangular Squares - Uses

With the ability to provide one of the most reliable squareness calibration and inspection available, our Granite Triangular Squares cater as the perfect solution in various industries.

Their versatility is often used in calibration laboratories, inspection departments, or CNC machine installation procedures.

When used horizontally, the X and Y axes can be checked for squareness, while using the square vertically allows the Z­axis to be inspected for perpendicularity.

Thanks to the accuracy and reliability offered by our Black Granite Triangular Squares, these work as an excellent alternative to steel squares for direct squareness and straightness inspection throughout the manufacturing process.

Granite Triangular Squares - Grades

Our Granite Triangular Squares come in two grades depending on the required squareness accuracy.

Granite Triangular Squares Grade 00

An excellent solution for laboratories as a reference standard when undertaking accurate squareness calibrations.
Grade 00 Triangular Squares are a common tool used by on­site technicians when inspecting the squareness of CMMs and CNC machine tool alignments

Granite Triangular Squares Grade 0

Grade 0 Triangular Squares are often used throughout the manufacturing processes and for the final inspection of parts and products as a reference standard and directly

Granite Triangular Squares -­ Certification

All Black Granite Triangular Squares supplied by OSS Calibration are calibrated to order per our in­house procedure and tolerances.
Certificates are provided with the squareness of the main measuring face (longer edge). Please contact us for any other specific tolerances or compliance with different standards.

Granite Triangular Squares - Delivery

300mm x 200mm x 50mm Triangular Squares are delivered via courier. All Tri Squares 450mm x 300mm x 80mm and larger are supplied palletised. The entire range of Tri Granite Squares is always provided in black transport cages to aid in transporting and storing purposes.

Why Granite Triangular Squares from OSS Calibration

Granite Triangular Square

When it comes to Granite Metrology equipment, we know what we are talking about. Being in the industry for over 30 years allowed us to gain extensive knowledge and experience, which, combined with the second to none customer service, lets us stay ahead of the competition.

Our Granite Triangular Squares, Granite Straight Edges, Granite Parallels, Granite Master Squares, Granite Surface Tables & Plates, and Surface Table Frames are finished, inspected and calibrated in house by our skilled technicians. All to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Regardless of the complexity of requirements, we strive to provide our customers with reliable, durable and the most precise products that meet our customers' needs.

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