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surface table calibration

Surface Table Levelling Services

Granite & Cast Iron Surface Table & Plate Levelling Laboratory

Precision Granite and Cast Iron Surface Tables and Plates are relied on as the foundation for accurate measurement in machine shops, all types of precise manufacturing, defence, automotive, aerospace manufacturing companies and laboratories. They are the benchmark for all measurements.


Their accuracy is essential to ensuring the quality of products; therefore, they must be rigorously tested to ensure consistent and repeatable results. As far as use is concerned, Surface Table Levelling and Calibration are required regularly.

What is the term levelling?

Accordingly to the Cambridge Dictionary, levelling means to present a participle of level.


[1] The basic concept of levelling involves determining the height measurement relative to a horizontal line of the surface. The process demands a person to take the vertical measures and an instrument to establish the horizontal lin

Surface Table Levelling Services

Does a Surface Table need to be Level? 

A surface table only needs to be as level as required by the function and use. With greater accuracy necessary for some applications, it is always beneficial to have a known level datum to take measurements without concern.

Principle of Surface Table Levelling

The levelling of a surface table should always be done on the three primary points, with the remaining adjustable points being for additional support but should not be load-bearing.

What if the Surface Table Frame does not have Three Primary Levelling Points?

Some surface tables are supplied as standard with four primary points on the top and/or bottom. It is even more crucial that these are not moved after being correctly set up. The change in the position can lead to more pressure being applied to different points. As a result, the surface table "rocks" when leaning on one corner, and the working surface distorts or "twists", consequently invalidating the calibration certificate.

Multiple Adjustable Points

The framework can have multiple adjustable points for some surface tables (significantly larger cast iron). It is vital these surface tables are not moved from where they are calibrated and certified for the same reasons as above.

Our engineers can adjust these surface tables to ensure that each point has the correct load bearing to maximise the flatness of the working surface.

On-Site Surface Table Levelling - Why to choose OSS Calibration Ltd

Minimal Downtime

We know that production is the lifeblood of any business and keeping it operating at its maximum allows companies to stay in business and helps them grow. That is why our team of highly skilled engineers always follows our proven procedures to meet the demands of today's industries by providing the most accurate, cost-effective Surace Table Calibration Services to all new & existing clients. 


Second to none Customer Service

At OSS Calibration Ltd, we recognise the value of our customers, and we are sensitive to their needs. Our human-centred customer service helps us truly deliver a customer experience that is second to none. We are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. We know that the satisfaction of our customers is essential for us to be successful, and we take pride in our reputation for providing the most reliable and trustworthy customer service in the business.

Knowledgeable Team

Our knowledgeable team members hold the key to the quality of our services. Being in the industry for over 30 years allowed our company to gain extensive knowledge and experience. Their expertise and knowledge, combined with the second to none customer service we set up industry standards by the others, are often judged. We take pride in our products and services and always strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Surface Table Levelling Services


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