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Surface Table Frames

High-quality Surface Table Frames - a necessary component for precision manufacturing.

Surface Table Frames
Surface Table Frames
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When the accuracy of your work depends on the surface you work on, a stable base is a piece of essential equipment to ensure the most accurate performance.

To meet the needs of the most demanding industries and research laboratories, at OSS Calibration we have introduced a high-quality Surface Table Frames line to enable engineering, testing facilities, and laboratories to adequately support their surface plates and aid in taking precise measurements.

Thanks to the stability they bring, you can rest assured that the parts you produce or inspect are appropriately supported to facilitate reliable measurements.

Surface Plate Stands - Key Features

Constructed from high-quality box section steel for exceptional strength and durability, finished with electrostatic paint, our Surface Table Frames have been specially designed to minimise warping and bring sturdy and adjustable support for Granite Surface Tables.

They are engineered with three primary levelling points and two secondary supports for added stability. The frame's ability to be levelled on top and bottom and all adjustable bolts make it such a versatile piece of equipment.

​The contact points at the bottom of the frame have a wider base for better stability and weight distribution, while the top supports are finished with a "bolt cap" to ensure maximum contact with the surface table. The broader distribution of weight alleviates a single point of contact with a raised section of the support that can create vibration and instability of the mounted surface table

​Surface Table Frames - Sizes

Surface Plate Stands are available for surface tables that measure 900mm x 600mm and more. Extra adjustable points are provided for every surface table that measures 2000mm long and over to ensure adequate support.


All of the frames supplied by OSS Calibration Ltd have been ergonomically designed to provide the best possible working height. With this in mind, they are supplied with an adjustable working height of approx 875mm - 925mm and can be adjusted further than this.

Should you have specific requirements relating to frame size, working height, or the number of support points offered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can custom manufacture any frame size.

Why choose OSS Surface Table Frames

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Surface Table Frames by OSS

As a demonstration of the quality of our Surface Table Frames, they are trusted by a range of industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive and defence;

We have a long-standing commitment to developing metrology equipment that helps professionals in their everyday work;

Most of our Surface Table Frames are stock items, meaning these are ready for collection or delivery when needed;

We always strive to offer the best possible customer service and value for money;

We have the capabilities to provide bespoke Surface Table Frames on request; 

As a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, OSS Calibration specialises in calibrating Granite & Cast Iron Surface Plates & Surface Tables at customers premises in conformance with the specified flatness tolerances according to BS817:2008.
To read more about our calibration services, please click here.

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