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surface table calibration

On-Site Granite Surface Table Lapping Services

UKAS Accredited Surface Table & Plate Calibration Laboratory

Have you noticed your Surface Table is slowly wearing out?

If so, this is not an unusual phenomenon. While using the correct methods and practices for Surface Table maintenance, it can still wear off over time. If your Granite Surface Table has deteriorated and requires some work to continue serving as accurate and reliable equipment that performs to specification, Precision Granite Surface Table Lapping Services, also known as Reconditioning, is the answer.

What is Lapping?

The term Lapping refers to various surface finishing processes during which flat plates and loose, micron-sized abrasive materials (i.e. aluminium oxide, silicon carbide) are used as the grinding agents. It involves the cutting and shearing action of loose abrasive particles and the fine grinding of abrasive particles embedded in the lap plate.

During Lapping, the most significant material removal occurs where the high points of the surface of the part contact the flat lap plate. The object is to produce parts with a uniformly smooth and usually flat surface. The lapped surface exhibits a dull, non-reflective and multi-directional appearance. Lapping in machining is reserved for products demanding very tight tolerances of flatness, parallelism, thickness or finish.

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The Results of the Lapping Process

Granite Surface Table Lapping Services assure that your metrology equipment meets flatness specs for your grade, which makes accurate measurements possible. As Lapping cuts chips through a loose abrasive process, the finished surface becomes smoother, and its geometry becomes flat. 

On-Site Surface Granite Table Lapping Services

The main aim of our Granite Surface Table Lapping Services is to bring your Metrology Equipment back to any Grade in the British Standard or customer-specified tolerance.

We will come to your site on your schedule to get your Granite Surface Table reconditioned. As 17025: 2017 UKAS Accredited Metrology Equipment Calibration Laboratory for the on-site calibration of surface plates & surface tables (please see our Current UKAS Schedule No. 7967), we provide the utmost confidence in quality and accuracy.

In addition, we know the importance of value as the reason for which many individuals use us, so we ensure everything is done to minimize downtime to preserve your production operating at its maximum capacity.

On-Site Surface Table Lapping Services - Documentation

Finished with a calibration and UKAS certificate issued to verify accuracy has been achieved, Surface Tables lapped on-site by OSS Calibration Ltd are furnished with a label stating the certification number and reconditioning date.

Certificates are processed at our laboratory and emailed as a .pdf.

​Please note that under certain circumstances, Granite Surface Tables deteriorate beyond economical repair.


Should this happen, we can replace your surface table.

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Thank you for your enquiry.

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