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Delivery & Certification

This page sets out the shipping policy and certification that applies to customers that make a purchase at or through On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd by any other means. If you have any questions, please contact us at .
For delivery information relating to bespoke orders please contact us.

General Shipping Options & Delivery Costs

We offer the following shipping options:

For items below 15kg we offer delivery via parcel courier.

All items over 15kg are supplied palletised. Please advise if you require a tail-lift.

Delivery will be usually made Monday-Wednesday 08:00-17:00.

Delivery is included in the price to the mainland UK, if you are have a preferred courier or wish to collect, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.  

Order Processing Time

We aim to dispatch all items the Friday after receiving an order. This allows time for products to be inspected and calibrated prior to dispatch. If you require delivery quicker, please contact us and we will assist where possible.


Delivery Address

Please provide a delivery address and contact name to allow for quicker processing.

Palletised delivery will be via lorry and an appropriate loading/ unloading area will be required. 


Tracking Your Order

If you would like to track your order please contact us and once the order is shipped we can provide a link to track the delivery.


Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase but if for any reason there is a problem, please contact us at . If any product arrives damaged, please photograph the damage and the product and send this information to the above address.

Product Specific Delivery Terms & Certification

Master Square


300mm x 300mm x 50mm squares will be delivered via courier.

All larger squares will be supplied palletised.

All Master Squares are supplied in a black transportation case. These cases protect the square while transporting and while storing the square when it is not in use.



All squares are calibrated to order as per our in-house procedure and tolerances. For other standards or specific tolerances please contact us.

Certificates will include squareness, flatness and parallelism of all 4 outer measuring faces and flatness and squareness of 1 large measuring face.



Parallels up to 450mm x 100mm x 50mm will be delivered via courier.

150mm parallels are supplied in a silver-coloured storage cases while all parallels 300mm x 100mm x 50mm and larger are supplied in black transportation cases. Both types of case offer perfect storage and transportation solutions.



All parallels are calibrated to order as per our in-house procedure and tolerances. For other standards or specific tolerances please contact us.


Certificates provided will include parallelism of all faces on both parallels, straightness of all faces and matched height for both the wider and narrower faces of the parallels. For additional features, please contact us.

Straight Edges


1000mm and 1200mm Straight Edges are provided on a single pallet while larger straight edges will be supplied on a double pallet as required.

All Straight Edges are provided with black transportation cases to aid in handling, storage and transportation while protecting the Straight Edge from unintentional damage.



All Straight edges are calibrated to order as per our in-house procedure and tolerances. For other standards or specific tolerances please contact us. As standard these will be calibrated directly on the granite surface table. If you will be using this on support points or wish this to be calibrated on airy points 2/9ths from each end, please contact us. 

All certificates will include straightness/ flatness and parallelism of both measuring faces.

Surface Plates & Surface Tables with Frames


Surface Plates from 450mm x 300mm – 1200mm x 900mm will be provided on a single pallet with larger surface tables being supplied on larger pallets or double pallets as deemed required.

All Surface Plates are supplied with a wooden lid that can be used to cover the working surface when not in use and protect the top surface, chamfer and sides from accidental damage.

When supplied with a frame, this will be supplied on top of the granite box and bound to the pallet together.



All surface tables are calibrated using our in-house procedure and are provided to the requirements of BS817:2008 for flatness and local flatness. After delivery, we can attend your site to level, calibrate and issue UKAS certification. If you require on-site certification or a different standard/ tolerance, please contact us.

All certificates will include both local flatness and overall flatness.

Triangular Squares


300mm x 200mm x 50mm Triangular Squares will be delivered via courier.

All Tri Squares 450mm x 300mm x 80mm and larger will be supplied palletised.

All Tri Squares will be provided in a black transport case to aid in transporting and storing the square while preventing unintentional damage.



All Triangular Squares are calibrated to order as per our in-house procedure and tolerances. For other standards or specific tolerances please contact us.

Certification is provided with squareness of the main measuring face (longer edge). For other features please contact us.

Surface Table Frames


All Surface Table Frames and Support Stands will be supplied palletised with larger frames supplied on double pallets if required.


On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd
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Thank you for your enquiry.

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