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Big Granite Surface Table
Granite Surface Table

Manufactured out of high quality box section steel and finished with electrostatic paint, our surface table frames provide a stable and adjustable support stand for our granite surface tables. Our frames are available for all surface tables 900mm x 600mm and larger and are supplied with 3 primary points of levelling with an additional 2 secondary supports for added stability. Surface tables that measure 2000mm in length and over are provided with extra adjustable points to ensure they are adequately supported. 

The support points at the bottom of the frame have a wider base for better stability and weight distribution while the top supports are finished with a "bolt cap" to ensure maximum contact with the surface table. The wider distribution of weight alleviates a single point of contact with a raised section of the support that can in-turn create vibration and instability of the mounted surface table. 

All of the frames supplied by On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd have been ergonomically designed to provide the best possible working height. With this in mind they are supplied with an adjustable working height of approx 875mm - 925mm but can be adjusted further than this. 


If you have any specific requirements relating to frame size, working height or the amount of support points offered we are able to custom manufacture any size of frame.


On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd
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Thank you for your enquiry.

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