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Granite Triangular Square
Granite Tri Square



Commonly shortened to Tri-Squares or right angled squares, our precision Triangular Squares are supplied to our highest in-house specifications inspired by national and international standards. Our triangular squares offer a great alternative to a full square for the calibration and inspection of squareness and are provided with weight reducing holes as standard to ensure ease of use, movement and transportation.


Grade 00 - Perfect for laboratories to use as a master when calibrating the squareness of laboratory standards, engineers squares and other measuring equipment. High precision triangular squares are also used for calibrating the X, Y and Z axis of measuring machines such as CMMs and for the setting and accurate inspection of CNC machine tools.  

Grade 0 - Offer the solution for fast and accurate manual inspection of squareness at each stage of manufacture and for final inspections.

OSS TS Grade 00 Tolerances

OSS TS Grade 0 Tolerances

Please also see Master Squares.

All sizes quoted are examples of the stock held by On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd. For more information and prices please contact us.


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