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Engineers Straight Edge
Granite Straight Edge


Taking inspiration from national and international standards, our Granite Straight Edges are manufactured to the highest specification as per our in house tolerances. Supplied with measuring faces wide enough to enable the required stability needed to install machines and take precise measurements.


Grade 00 - Used in laboratory or controlled conditions our granite straight edges are ideal for calibrating the straightness of master gauges and measuring equipment.

Grade 0 - Offer the solution to quickly and accurately check straightness of parts and products that have been manufactured. Granite straight edges are also used in the manufacture and installation of new machines and machine tool platforms.

OSS: SE Grade 00 Tolerances


OSS: SE Grade 0 Tolerances

All sizes quoted are examples of the stock held by On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd. For more information and prices please contact us.


On Site Services (Calibration) Ltd
10 Cavendish Avenue
NG21 9NQ

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